Sunday, November 29, 2009

53rd: His Twisted Toothless Smile Only Serves To Sadden Me ...

52nd: Mordor

Mordor, originally uploaded by Cpt<HUN>.

50th: .we have met the enemy & he is us.

49th: Blue morning

Blue morning, originally uploaded by James Jordan.

47th: Simple Multiplicity

Simple Multiplicity, originally uploaded by 0zzie.

46th: profile

profile, originally uploaded by Oberazzi.

45th: hand me my gun that goes bang

44th: Rusty but proud

Rusty but proud, originally uploaded by Darwin Bell.

42nd: I´m the fastest

I´m the fastest, originally uploaded by juttaschnecke.

41st: Counterlit Papaver

Counterlit Papaver, originally uploaded by fdecomite.

40th: Just Cuba!

Just Cuba!, originally uploaded by flower_bee.

38th: Countryside Avenue

Countryside Avenue, originally uploaded by Flamejob1.

36th: lady with flowers

lady with flowers, originally uploaded by .rivadav.

35th: Lightning Storm

Lightning Storm, originally uploaded by down_the_rabbit_hole.

34th: Mt Hood from a tulips perspective

33rd: .redhead.

.redhead., originally uploaded by EDEN PHOTOGRAPHY.

32nd: Shelter...

Shelter..., originally uploaded by borealnz.

29th: Hacienda Alberca

Hacienda Alberca, originally uploaded by Oberazzi.

28th: Belle

Belle, originally uploaded by Isabelle Ann.

27th: Winter field

Winter field, originally uploaded by James Jordan.

26th: 199909 034A Saigon What

199909 034A Saigon What, originally uploaded by williewonker.

25th: Sunset at Perhistoric Earth

Sunset at Perhistoric Earth, originally uploaded by autumn_leaf.

23rd: 就是你么?

就是你么?, originally uploaded by neophone.

22nd: Lazy afternoon

Lazy afternoon, originally uploaded by Morela.

21st: Ladies of the Evening

Ladies of the Evening, originally uploaded by Isabelle Ann.

20th: untouched

untouched, originally uploaded by goldstardeputy.

19th: 3 out of 4 ain't bad

3 out of 4 ain't bad, originally uploaded by Darwin Bell.

17th: Say goodbye to summer freedom...


BLUE MOUNTAIN, originally uploaded by endraum.

15th: compound black and white2

14th: Wings

Wings, originally uploaded by dee_r.

13th: 蓝色畅想 - Blue Fantasy

蓝色畅想 - Blue Fantasy
蓝色畅想 - Blue Fantasy, originally uploaded by cavenli2008

12th: X Bleu de Herve X

X Bleu de Herve X, originally uploaded by mmarsupilami.

11th: Moth Man

Moth Man, originally uploaded by NameTaken!.

10th: woman

woman, originally uploaded by neophone.

9th: Last Twilight Jackson Lake, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Sunday, October 15, 2006

8th: Hopes of a new day

Hopes of a new day, originally uploaded by *GaryP*.

*GaryP* says:

This morning on the way to work, hope your day is looking brighter than mine!

AdeleS says after picking Gary as the winner:
Thanks so much Joe for giving me the honorable yet
extremely hard job of picking the photo for Pick of the
Week... I have been over and over the pictures in the
thread... they are all wonderful and my decision has been a
tough one... but I am going to go for GaryP's fantastic
sunset... I know there are a lot of sunsets on Flickr but I
have never seen one quite like this one..... simply amazing!


Sunday, October 01, 2006

6th: black knight

black knight, originally uploaded by Kris Kros.

1936 Chevrolet Master Deluxe

Sunday, September 17, 2006

4th: Francis (2)

Francis (2), originally uploaded by Parc Cruz.

The Fourth PICK OF THE WEEK, goes to
Francis (2) by Parc Cruz

Picked by Christine Lebrasseur and here's what she said:

I have already chosen the photo I preferred and it was
really difficult because the thing which I am the most
sensitive is the poetry of the picture, when it talks to

La technique, photoshop, la manipulation ne m'intéresse
pas, bien que tout ces éléments soient bien maitrisés
dans cette image, mais cette homme ambigü parce qu'à la
fois vétu de la capuche de la mort et auréolé de la
sainteté de la lune traversant en conquérant ce
cimetière nocturne m'a rappelé ces vers de mon poète
préféré dont voici un extrait en français (il faudra
trouver un traducteur poète ;) :

"(...)On dirait que le ciel, en cette solitude,
Se contemple dans l'onde, et que ces monts, là-bas,
Écoutent, recueillis, dans leur grave attitude,
Un mystère divin que l'homme n'entend pas.

Et lorsque par hasard une nuée errante
Assombrit dans son vol le lac silencieux,
On croirait voir la robe ou l'ombre transparente
D'un esprit qui voyage et passe dans les cieux."

[Charles Baudelaire] - Incompatibilité

Merci à lui...

The technique, photoshop, manipulation does not interest
me, although all these elements are well controlled in this
image, but this ambiguous man because in the same time cover
of the hood of Dead and haloed holiness of the Moon crossing
as a conqueror this cemetery by night, remember me these
verses of my preferred poet of which this is here a French
extract (a translator poet will have to be found ;) :

"(...)On dirait que le ciel, en cette solitude,
Se contemple dans l'onde, et que ces monts, là-bas,
Écoutent, recueillis, dans leur grave attitude,
Un mystère divin que l'homme n'entend pas.

Et lorsque par hasard une nuée errante
Assombrit dans son vol le lac silencieux,
On croirait voir la robe ou l'ombre transparente
D'un esprit qui voyage et passe dans les cieux."

[Charles Baudelaire] - Incompatibilité

Thanks to him...


3rd: Nightmare...

Nightmare..., originally uploaded by *Christine Lebrasseur.
Picked by Andrew Geddes and here's what he said:
:: and the winner is...

Like Uli before me, I utilized the Firefox tab elimination
technique and Nightmare... by *Christine Lebrasseur was the
last tab standing!

I was a little wishy washy after i had narrowed it down to
the final 3, but when i looked at it large, and on a black
background, it sealed the deal.

The pink of the little girls clothes.. the surreal blue of
the vegetation.. it really does look like a scene from a
nightmare. i love it!

Thanks to all who participated, you didn't make it easy on
me ;)

Andrew Geddes

1st: room with a view

room with a view, originally uploaded by u.linder.

edit: this pic made it to become the first ever pick of the week winner! unbelievable!!
thx to joe!
thx to everybody for your nice comments, favs and congrats!! i am so honored!!

i met this guy in one of the rooms staring through this open window. i don't know who he is. maybe somekind of caretaker. =)
third pic of the special places i mentioned.
i took this during a tour with mace2000. we went to the hornisgrinde, the highest point of the northern black forest (1.164 m / 3.819 ft.). this was inside an old, abandoned and decayed house.
meanwhile we found out that these houses were used by the french army from 1945 to 1996.
it's a really great and creepy place!!
i think there are lots of pics to come. stay tuned....

Upon winning the 1st ever Pick of the Week, here's what Uli said:
My best friend Mace2000 and I went on a photo-tour to the Hornisgrinde, the highest point of the northern Black Forest (1.164 m / 3.819 ft.) in Germany. It was a great tour. My friend showed me some old, abandoned and decayed houses which he discovered on a single tour a few days before our tour. I took this picture inside one of these houses.To be honest this one was done more or less by accident, so I am sorry, but there is no interesting story behind this pic.

I shot a lot of rooms, and then I thought, "Ok, lets try something with the autotimer". I only shot one pic with the autotimer, this one you see here. Back home I looked at all my pics and I thought "Oh, not that bad"... Ok, it was a little overexposed. I played around with the raw-file and then I thought "This could be cool". I changed the exposure compensation, added a lot of shadow contrast and suddenly the reflection in the window appeared... in photoshop I dublicated the layer, added a black radial gradient overlay in between both layers to darken the bright window. For the upper layer I used the unsharp mask and changed the layer opacity till I thought it's ok. I used a filter called melanchytron to get this melancholic look and finally I desaturated it a lot. I think that's it.

Thanks again for all your nice comments, thanks Joe for choosing my pic, and I hope I will do a good job choosing the next pic of the week. ;)
Greets from Germany,