Sunday, September 17, 2006

1st: room with a view

room with a view, originally uploaded by u.linder.

edit: this pic made it to become the first ever pick of the week winner! unbelievable!!
thx to joe!
thx to everybody for your nice comments, favs and congrats!! i am so honored!!

i met this guy in one of the rooms staring through this open window. i don't know who he is. maybe somekind of caretaker. =)
third pic of the special places i mentioned.
i took this during a tour with mace2000. we went to the hornisgrinde, the highest point of the northern black forest (1.164 m / 3.819 ft.). this was inside an old, abandoned and decayed house.
meanwhile we found out that these houses were used by the french army from 1945 to 1996.
it's a really great and creepy place!!
i think there are lots of pics to come. stay tuned....

Upon winning the 1st ever Pick of the Week, here's what Uli said:
My best friend Mace2000 and I went on a photo-tour to the Hornisgrinde, the highest point of the northern Black Forest (1.164 m / 3.819 ft.) in Germany. It was a great tour. My friend showed me some old, abandoned and decayed houses which he discovered on a single tour a few days before our tour. I took this picture inside one of these houses.To be honest this one was done more or less by accident, so I am sorry, but there is no interesting story behind this pic.

I shot a lot of rooms, and then I thought, "Ok, lets try something with the autotimer". I only shot one pic with the autotimer, this one you see here. Back home I looked at all my pics and I thought "Oh, not that bad"... Ok, it was a little overexposed. I played around with the raw-file and then I thought "This could be cool". I changed the exposure compensation, added a lot of shadow contrast and suddenly the reflection in the window appeared... in photoshop I dublicated the layer, added a black radial gradient overlay in between both layers to darken the bright window. For the upper layer I used the unsharp mask and changed the layer opacity till I thought it's ok. I used a filter called melanchytron to get this melancholic look and finally I desaturated it a lot. I think that's it.

Thanks again for all your nice comments, thanks Joe for choosing my pic, and I hope I will do a good job choosing the next pic of the week. ;)
Greets from Germany,


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